Friday, November 30, 2007

Ty Pennington can only do so much

Because I find their Christmas advertising so loathsome—"don't just give a gift, grant a wish" is meant to make you ashamed of anything short of extravagance—I was sorta glad to read that Sears earnings are in the toilet. Store traffic is dismal: "'comparable-store' sales -- sales at outlets open at least one year -- tumbled 4.2 percent. At the company's lower-end Kmart chain, those comparable-store sales dropped by an even more deeper 5 percent." And the online business evidently has problems.

Honestly, I really, really just want Sears to be a better store. As fun as schadenfreude always is, I don't want Eddie "Anyone Can Do Retail" Lampert to fail. I don't want to see Craftsman Tools being sold off the back of mall kiosks. I don't want to see Extreme Home Makeover taken off the air. Oh wait. Yes, I do want that. But I don't want Restoration Hardware to be the new Land's End. Wait. I don't care about them either.

I guess I just want Sears around so that there's still some choice for their shoppers. There's not a lot of options when you live in a small town. Where else are all those people going to go to be ritualistically ignored or mistreated?


James-H said...

"Where else are all those people going to go to be ritualistically ignored or mistreated?"

Home Depot. The UPS Store. US Airways.

So there's hope.

Irene Done said...

Hilarious. Sad. True.

Make the logo bigger said...

But will those stores give you a lifetime misery guarantee, that’s the thing.