Monday, December 01, 2008

"'Buy art,' [Cynthia] Rowley said. 'That’s the only thing I buy now.'"

Searching for interior design that's not "irresponsible." Or vulgar!

Margaret Russell, Elle Décor’s editor-in-chief suggests splurging on "quilts: 'things that really feel right, and humble in a good way.'" Splurging to look humble. That's her brainstorm? I want new tastemakers. Then again, while my reaction to all this is not as violent as Choire Sicha's, I remain completely puzzled by the shelter magazine category anyway. Blueprint, Home, House & Garden, O at Home have stopped publishing even though we're all supposedly staying home more. Even Cottage Living got shuttered, despite a million subscribers and an editorial philosophy -- "Comfort. Simplicity. Style." -- that seems based in reality. Maybe only House Beautiful's Stephen Drucker knows what he's doing.

On the bright side, I assume that in advising everyone to "buy art," Ms Rowley has now excused us all from buying any of her Target designs ever again. Freedom!

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