Saturday, May 31, 2008

For me, it's always a bad sign when Mark Sheppard is in the opening credits

Because it means we're in for a very talky Battlestar Galactica episode. More old guys fighting, please!


Mr. Middlebrow said...

OMG--It's Badger from "Firefly," light on the Cockney.

What is it w/ accents on this show? Why does Tigh sound more Canuckistani the more riled he gets? Why is Apollo supposed to talk like an American? Why not have (former) Chief Tyrol sound like he's from Southie?

And why is frak the only swear word that evolved differently in their parallel universe? They have sine qua non, but not shyte?

Irene Done said...

Mr Middlebrow -- Good to see you. It's always a thrill when you stop by.

The accents don't bother me. I actually love Tigh's because, to me, it's not at all strange. Think crusty-Canadian-hockey-coach. You know, old time hockey. But then, I love everything about Michael Hogan's performance.

And look, they're bringing back D'Anna. Along with her accent!