Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Aliases on Twitter are very common and anonymity makes it fun"

Oh honey. I couldn't agree more. Actually, there's a whole lot to like about this interview with DKNY PR Girl, who is considered to be anonymous on Twitter but whose identity really isn't much of a secret. I think. Is it?

Anyway: "Every day is an adventure and I love sharing it with people who care to hear." People who care to hear -- that's well said.

ADDED: What's interesting about DKNY PR Girl's anonymity is how everyone in the fashion media helps preserve it. Her comments make it clear that 1) the Donna Karan brands use Twitter as a marketing tool, 2) that anonymity was a strategic decision, and 3) "I know a lot of my followers. Many of course are editors or bloggers that we work with." It's fashion, which is its own world, but it's remarkable that everyone so eagerly helps a brand execute part of its marketing plan. Imagine so many bloggers and editors assisting, say, McDonalds or WalMart in such a way.

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