Friday, September 03, 2010

Is this Project Runway's "meanest season ever"?

Or is the new 90-minute format just showing us what's always been there -- the ridiculously petty interaction between ambitious, self-absorbed people? Either way, it's extremely satisfying to watch.

I wish I were smart so I could provide some sort of keen insight about people who can't take a fair critique or whose own outsized self-esteem and sense of entitlement can cloud their eyes and minds. There are life lessons in there somewhere. Maybe this: ideas can come from anywhere. And don't hate.


Zelda Rose said...

I haven't been able to watch PR this year because I just can't feel anything for these people. The show stopped being about finding talent years ago; it's now about who's the most marketable and along the way showing off the biggest trolls you can find.

And you can't imagine how disappointed I am.

Irene Done said...

The show almost lost me for good when they went out to California. But I came back last season and really liked Seth Aaron.

This season? I agree the actual design work is bland and is taking a back-seat to the personal soap opera. It's made everyone unlikable. Except. There is one person -- Mondo -- who instead of simply churning out safe stuff to avoid criticism, is doing some interesting, risky and fun things. We'll see. Since it's the only reality show I watch aside from American Idol, I kinda need PR to be watchable.