Friday, October 01, 2010

Last night's Project Runway was remarkable

And Laura Bennett provides amazingly clear and intelligent commentary. I especially like this: "the work of these artists, despite the anguish, was never morbid. Pain was not romanticized."

Last night may have also been the first time Project Runway has ever aired footage of a gay man kissing his partner. That, along with Mondo's HIV confession followed by the relentlessly upbeat Austin and Santino show -- interesting that it took the allegedly dowdy Lifetime network to present all this. Is Bravo really so gay-friendly after all?


Zelda Rose said...

I have to admit that I have not been watching Project Runway this season, because after last year's unhot mess I gave up. Now, I think I need to watch this week and see what I am missing.

Irene Done said...

If you just want to watch the Mondo episode -- which is really worth it -- it's here. (I think this link will work until Oct 31).

The episodes are 90 minutes and the challenges continue to be unimaginative because they're largely driven by promotional tie-ins. But every once in a while, I am glad I watch. The Mondo story was one of those moments.