Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The drama-free, lift-happy finale of Dancing With The Stars

It's the show everyone loves to hate but I think David Hinckley gets it right: "in contrast to prime-time dramas...'Dancing With the Stars' remains a show parents can watch with the kids in the room." This probably also explains the popularity of American Idol and prime-time game shows. And this: "There's sex appeal, sure, but it's the old-fashioned kind, an implicit aura that can mean something different to every viewer - or nothing at all to those who simply enjoy graceful movement." Yes, a format that can make Floyd Mayweather Jr or Tatum O'Neal seem somewhat normal is a miracle of family-friendly programming, a throwback to old-Hollywood, big-studio days when we didn't know how screwed up big stars really are.

Finally, after last night, I realized the show has benefitted all this time from a few brilliant female choreographers. I mean, that was the problem last night—boring dances staged by the male professional dancers. How smart does Cheryl Burke look now?


J_Fox said...

Dear sweet mother of pearl, those freestyle dances from Marie and Ho Spice were awful. Yes, that's right, I watch DWTS along with my wife. I only watch if there's someone on there I actually want to root for. Which means I've seen the last three years because of Emmitt, Apollo and Helio. Plus, "Heroes" has really blown this season.

Irene Done said...

I respect you -- more than I can say -- for admitting that. And I was bored by Mel, horrified by Marie. But I blame their pro partners/choreographers. Helio looked the best last night because his choreography was more exciting thanks to his partner, who was also Apollo's partner. Does it seem like the women professional dancers are better choreographers? Why?

I can't believe any of this matters to me.

Make the logo bigger said...

But then something like this happens to make you lose all hope.

Irene Done said...

Even if those rumors were true -- and I don't believe that they are -- I'd STILL be more depressed about Scary Spice's loss. If she can't win, no woman will ever win again. O cruel ballroom gods!

As for Helio, I only hope this victory makes up for that whole Tony-Stewart-stealing-your-victory-ritual thing.