Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"When the subjects were exposed to the cost of the product, the insula was activated."

Not the insula! "The insula is associated with aversive feelings, and is triggered by things like nicotine withdrawal and pictures of people in pain. In general, we try to avoid anything that makes our insula excited. Apparently, this includes spending money....When times are tough, the emotional tug-of-war inside the brain is thrown out of whack, and consumers act like everything is overpriced. We're so worried about the dismal economy that the reward areas of the brain are stifled....The solution, then, isn't to simply mail out rebate checks, as a shopper in a pessimistic mood won't spend them. Rather, policymakers must focus on restoring the emotions of consumers."

Wow. Emotions. I would have said job prospects but that's just me. Although now I see that Ellisblog is right: focus on the positive. And control your insula!

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On the Money said...

Agree. Positive change and outlook can only come from positive stimulation.