Friday, October 09, 2009

I wouldn't have sent Epperson home

Because Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have been absent for so many of this season's episodes, Project Runway's judging has been pretty erratic. It's also been completely obnoxious. It's like every judge has had mean-spirited bon mots written for them in advance -- by a staff -- in order to win precious minutes on-camera. This is such a huge mistake.

Yes, judges are important but it's the contestants we become emotionally attached to or repulsed by. As this season's Dancing With The Stars proves, dull contestants equal low ratings and outrageous judging antics can't save you. There's a lesson in here somewhere for American Idol producers. But they'll ignore it.


meg4fancast said...

I thought Chris should have gone home. His really looked like a garbage bag. I liked this challenge. It was fun to see some of those crazy wedding dress styles. Fancast has an interview with Epperson about his elimination. Check it out- Project Runway on Fancast

Zelda Rose said...

When you send a model down the runway in an outfit that's poorly made, unimaginative, ugly, and it looks like you didn't bother, do you go home?

Five out of six seasons, the answer is "of course!" Not this year. What has happened? Lifetime? Judges who are more interested in being snarky than anything else? Really!

I'm watching what I expect to be my last episode Thursday. And I feel like I'm abandoning a friend.

Irene Done said...

It's sad, isn't it? Do you ever read Tom and Lorenzo's blog? Last week, they theorized that because this season was shot during the Bravo-Lifetime legal mess, everyone involved in the show was operating in a daze. So: uninteresting challenges and dull episodes. Maybe. But you're right that the judges are more interested in being snarky -- they clearly think camera time on the show is a huge career boost. Do I remember correctly -- did you comment on Unfair Park that you're unimpressed by this season's contestants? Because I kinda agree. It may be the editing or that everyone's so enamored of Logan they can't concentrate, but it's been hard to warm up to this group.