Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why does Honda hate Big Tex?

I finally figured out why the State Fair Auto Show -- at least the foreign manufacturer side -- seems so sparse. No Honda cars. It can't be a budget consideration. Good God, Chrysler and GM are there. I'm guessing that Honda has research indicating that their buyers are doing something else besides attending the Fair. Although what that might be, I cannot imagine. It's the State Fair!

Also I now know why we can't have beautiful women on spinning stages: "You can thank, or blame, Margery Krevsky for transforming turntable Barbies at auto shows into walking, talking marketing mavens – and dudes – who also happen to be quite attractive. When a young, good-looking gal or guy offers to answer your questions at the Toyota, Nissan, Scion or Lexus sections at the fair, that person isn't a sales temp hired locally but a 'product specialist' working for Krevsky's suburban Detroit talent agency, Productions Plus Inc. Krevsky came up with the idea while attending a Detroit auto show in 1981. A model she often hired for her fashion show business was acting as a goddesslike hood ornament for a Cadillac. Krevsky was interested in buying one, but the model couldn't talk about the car until she went on break. What a waste of talent, Krevsky thought."

See? Krevsky thinks these people should be approachable. Like -- yes, the name that used to come up in every re-branding exercise -- Katie Couric. I'm amazed people still use that example. It really hasn't worked out so well for CBS.

Oh! I miss glitz. If the outdoor Truck Zone can display those vehicles suspended from above, climbing a 90-degree incline or in any manner of overly macho scenarios, why can't I have models in evening gowns and tiaras? A little escapist glamour? Would that be so terrible?

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