Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wait. Not all QVC shoppers love Isaac Mizrahi? Do tell!

In the middle of a rather juicy and sad QVC story, there's this shopper comment: "I would think that QVC would want to attract as broad of an audience as possible and offer a broad variety of products to attract a spectrum of viewers/buyers. And, I don't understand this total fascination with Isaac Mizrahi. I'm sure that he has appeal to some customers, but it seems that QVC is staking their entire future on him. It does not seem wise to put all the QVC eggs in one basket."

Color me amused.


Suniverse said...

Ugh. I keep wanting to like Isaac Mizrahi, because it seems like I'm constantly told he's fabulous. But, he screwed my reliable Liz Claiborne line, and THAT I cannot forgive.

I am doing pretty well! How are you? I'm trying not to lose my mind going from 85 degrees to 48 degrees in the space of a day, but beyond that, it's pretty good.

Irene Done said...

I'm doing well. I need to develop better organizational skills and should probably eat more leafy green vegetables, but still, doing well. You know for some reason, I thought you had stopped blogging but I'm super glad to see that's not the case.

Hope your crazy weather gets less crazy. I read that it's snowing today in the Upper Peninsula/UP/the part of Michigan that does not look like a hand. That's just ridiculous.