Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm worried for all my little Battlestar Galactica friends

Wasn't it brutal enough to lose both Kat and Ellen? Ronald D. Moore says no -- but don't click until you've seen tonight's finale. Really!


Make the logo bigger said...

I dunno. (And don’t you hate it when some writes ’dunno’ rather someone who actually doesn’t know?)

But we were kinda prepped that Mary McDonnell/Mary would be die at some point until her cure, so refreshing the cast may not be a bad thing. Look how Law & order keeps having a turnover in cast, yet does as well now as it ever has.

Having said that, if Kelsey Grammer shows up as part of the cast in January though, I’m done watching.


Irene Done said...

Agreed. No one wants to see Grammer shirtless and in BSG world, actors must at one point or another get naked.

Still there are some characters (Starbuck and Tighe) who are so different (Starbuck and Tighe) that it really would be a lesser show without them (Starbuck and Tighe). For instance, I'm quite fond of Starbuck and Tighe.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

Seems like they're going for a little of the "Lost" cred: kill off a character or two just to show how badass you are.

In this case, the fact that it was one of the show's most irksome irritations (cough*Kat*cough) is just a happy bonus.

Also, thanks to the miracle of flashbacks, I don't think we've seen the last of Ellen.

Irene Done said...

Kat was irksome, wasn't she? But this was largely her purpose -- irk Kara Thrace in such a way that she'll reveal yet more vulnerabilites. But that deathbed scene? That "you know I'm not gettin' outta here?" line? I cried my little human eyes out.

I do hope that Chief is spared. One of my Christmas presents was an autographed photo of Aaron Douglas -- signed in metallic ink just like the sorority girls use! He thanked me "for lovin' the Chief." Sweet!