Friday, September 14, 2007

Magazines I actually read

Jeff Bercovici: "the recent reinvigoration of seen by many as sheer luck, a result of the brand's fortuitous partnership with Project Runway (which, as I've noted, only came about because Vogue passed on the show)." Excellent point.

But you know what would really get me to buy a women's magazine -- any women's magazine? Better cover blurbs. Sure "Update Your Hair" and "Clear Skin Forever" are aspirational. I guess. But one look at the latest cover of Modern Drunkard Magazine -- "Kill That Heartache with Hooch" and "12 Most Important Drinks of the Day" -- and I was sold. That's the kind of useful, actionable advice that makes my life better. That I can engage with. I'm filling out the subscription card right this minute!


Make the logo bigger said...

Brilliance. Scroll down to the lower right and check out the ad for Absinthe:

The Most Mysterious and Misunderstood of Forbidden Liquors.

I once worked on Chartreuse. Talk about green mystery in a bottle. Monks can be freaky.

Irene Done said...

Monks can be freaky.

How true! I once worked on Campari. It's not made by monks so the fun only lasted for about a nanosecond.

I'd never seen Modern Drunkard before until a few weekends ago. It's actually an amusing magazine, extemely well-written in parts.