Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm tellin' ya it's all that robin's egg blue. It gives me seizures.

Of all the Martha Stewart-Emeril Lagasse news from yesterday, this is the most interesting bit: "it’s unclear how some of MSO’s other initiatives are performing, notably the launch of a home line at Macy’s. Morgan Joseph analyst David Kestenbaum noted in a report to clients published Tuesday that MSO has so far failed to provide any clear-cut evidence of the launch’s success at a time when Macy’s is struggling with sub-par sales and store closures."

Wow. I mean, Martha was the center of their whole advertising last year. And the entire housewares department was turned into a Martha Stewart wonderland of soft, comforting colors and subtle patterns. Hmm. A faux bois faux pas?


Make the logo bigger said...

Does this mean she gets his band too?

So the moral is: do time, come out and acquire things. Okay, cool. Now I get it.

(Note to self: stop by guns & ammo later then Dick's for some camo before bank closes.)

Sorry, just working out the first steps in my big ‘comeback’ plan. Think Martha would’ve ever used live ammo?

Nah, probably not.

Irene Done said...

I would bet that Martha knows from live ammo.

It's amazing that the jail time (and the crime) did not ruin her business. I remember, I think it was right after she was sentenced, she stood outside the courthouse and made a statement to the press. She basically just told everyone to keep buying her magazines. It seemed so odd at first. But then I thought about it and I concluded that that was brilliant.

Something to keep in mind while making your "plans."

Make the logo bigger said...

Serious. A little stint does wonders for the cred.

James-H said...

That's a hell of a scrabble sentence.