Friday, February 29, 2008

Things to make a mental note of: "a bunch of media" and my ass

In a story about Adidas' Dale Earnhardt Jr apparel, this quote stands out: "Adidas marks are currently on Earnhardt's firesuit and his crew's uniforms, as well. Whether Adidas comes back with any ad spots this year remains to be seen. 'I'd rather have the exposure we get through athlete wear than anything we might buy with a bunch of media,' [Adidas Business Director Mark] Clinard said." Hmm.

Happier note: "Clinard's talks with Hendrick have centered on researching in-car conditions and ways in which its ClimaCool technology could possibly be used for the seat material." As a Texan who always drives to work but doesn't always have covered parking, I beg Adidas to bring that seat material to the consumer market. And to do it by July.

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