Thursday, October 09, 2008

About Kenley's wedding dress

It does look like Alexander McQueen's design. And her bridesmaid dress owes a little something to the Sabrina dress.

I know Kenley is supposed to be the villain of this season's Project Runway but I can't hate her. Not if she's going to go and channel Edith Head.


Zelda Rose said...

Kenley's dress was miles ahead of everyone else. That it's a McQueen knock-off says a lot about the talents of the finalists. And Kenley dear, learn to shut up at the right moment.

Just remember, Jeffrey was suppose to be season three's villain, and he won. And with Stella auffed, Kenley's my choice.

Irene Done said...

I actually like Kenley. It's amazing to me how the other designers have so easily and unwisely dismissed her. She's done a lot more than a series of 1950s dresses and while her designs haven't always been great, they've been interesting.

You're right. This season has been tiresome. Maybe Christian -- who was born for the fashion-meets-reality TV genre -- spoiled us. I think I read recently that the next season won't air for quite a while. A long wait may be a good thing.

Zelda Rose said...

It's not that I do not like Kenley. Of the remaining four, she was my unqualified choice. What I do think is that she sometimes forgets the lesson others have learned-don't argue with the judges. Even if you are right.

No, Christian was the kind of designer the producers wanted-an outrageous gay who wasn't too offensive and had enough talent to do well.

And yes, next season will take a while. They're moving to Lifetime, and Bravo has rights to the show until the end of the year-which will put them even farther behind to start.

Irene Done said...

"an outrageous gay who wasn't too offensive"

That's a hilarious description.