Thursday, October 02, 2008

There's no crying in fashion!

If only the rules of baseball applied to Project Runway.

As soon as everyone ganged up on Kenley, her spot at Bryant Park was assured. No reality show producer in the world is going to pass up so much potential for catfights and drama. The other contestants should have known better.

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Zelda Rose said...

I hope Kenley wins, just to put this season out of its misery. I've been so disappointed! Everyone I liked was auffed, the designs have rarely inspired, and this is the least-talented group, ever.

Last week, the judges can't decide who to auff, so everyone goes to Fashion Week. But NO! Psyche! One more challenge. And instead of putting the bottom two into a design-off (like last season), everyone's up for elimination.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I am so done with Project Runway right now. Do I bother to watch when it moves to Lifetime? Maybe, maybe not.