Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Downtown Dallas can attract all the business it wants but everyone's still going to move to Highland Park

Wouldn't it be interesting to see how many at&t and Comerica workers actually bought homes in Dallas proper? Probably most of them landed in the Part Cities or Frisco. Probably no one chose to send their kids to Dallas schools. Why would they?

So, thankfully, somebody is doing something: "Members of the CEO group who have agreed to advise Dr. Hinojosa are volunteering their time....Mayor Tom Leppert has said DISD must take swift and decisive action to restore confidence in its financial controls. He said the school district's troubles affect all of Dallas and will have an impact on its national reputation in the business world."

Still, the Dallas Citizens Council isn't universally beloved and, if you're sensitive to appearances, you might wince at the prospect of a bunch of old guys telling the youngish Hispanic superintendent how to stick to a budget. Did anyone else step up? Doesn't look like it. Really, if executives couldn't count on finding a nice home in Highland Park, would any company re-locate to Dallas?

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