Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Agencies Gird for Rough Round of Meetings After Exec Trashes Their Work"

That's news? Even by AdAge standards?

Look, there's plenty about Bob Lutz to criticize but this article just seems so goddamn petty: "GM's new marketing top gun, Bob Lutz, met with the automaker's brand teams on July 14, spent 10 to 20 minutes critiquing the work for each brand and, in the words of someone in the know, 'crapped all over the advertising.' Then he jetted off to the Caribbean island of Montserrat on holiday, leaving some scared individuals in his wake."

I can't decide if AdAge wants me to be upset that agency work got rejected or outraged that someone's taking a nice vacation during a recession. Sympathy? Class envy? And here I was, just looking for some insight. I can't get worked up about any of it other than to wonder who, since only two people actually agree to provide their names and comments to AdAge, supplied the crap quote which is the only attention-getter here. It'd be pretty funny if it were Lutz himself, imagining himself to be a Mad Men badass.

Maybe the real purpose of this article is to confirm that the new GM is actually "the same old management...shuffling the same old players." "Moribund corporate culture" and melodrama! And all of it funded by taxpayers, 41% of whom "expect the quality of GM cars to get worse now that the federal government is the company's majority owner" and who are turning to Fords.

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