Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friedman or TMZ: Whose anonymous sources are less crazy?

Even though TMZ broke the news of Michael Jackson's death -- what shocked me that day was hearing CBS radio refer to TMZ as a "reliable news source in the past" -- their post-death coverage has been a little iffy. At least that's what Roger Friedman would have us believe. Hmm. I watch Larry King so I know this is the most critical event in our nation's history. But who to trust? TMZ has sources inside the LAPD, which the department itself confirmed when they announced an investigation into the leaked Rihanna police photo. Harvey Levin used to be a KCBS investigative reporter. It's logical he'd have police connections.

But Friedman has been covering Michael Jackson for years. Even when no one wanted to talk about it, Friedman scanned mind-numbing financial records and served up insidery Jackson family news. Who are his sources? Impossible to tell. Although he's always complimentary of Debbie Rowe and seems especially taken with Jermaine's singing.

If only Friedman had his own TV show, then I could decide who to believe!

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