Monday, July 16, 2007

Paying for your trip to the Dallas Barbie convention

Following a time-honored tradition, Barbie conventioneers are back home and hawking their souvenirs on eBay. But do we even like the Dallas Darlin' Barbie? Disappointments: the cowboy hat, a brunette version and that center cutout cleavage thing which, along with the lasso, takes Barbie in a new and disturbing direction (must be Bill Greening's idea of "whimsy"). On the plus side: rooted eyelashes!


HighJive said...

this should make you happy:

Irene Done said...

I am always happy when Mattel is doing well but I'm even happier when the market for collectible Barbies is doing well! I've got some ill-advised purchases -- I mean, lovely limited edition Barbies -- to eventually unload.