Thursday, July 05, 2007

Self-conscious Borders purchases

It's odd for a middle-aged woman to buy The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden -- I know that -- so I got an Elle magazine along with a couple of home dec titles just to reassure everyone. Feminine offsets if you will. It was Iggulden's Famous Battles page that sold me, although the cover is quite nice too: a combination of my grandmother's Games For All Occasions and old Collier's Encyclopedias. Already the Five Knots Every Boy Should Know page has proven quite useful.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the women's magazines. Elle's music issue is, wow, largely useless both as a fashion/beauty authority and a music overview. (Possible exception: if your record-producer husband violates the few rules of your open-sex marriage by sleeping with a woman who may not be on the pill -- then Elle provides invaluable advice!) As for Ty Pennington's magazine, well, it's not the DUI that ruins it but the feel that it's a poor Real Simple-Blueprint derivation. And God forbid you forget that the man has endorsement deals -- even his list of essential household tools is a lame excuse for a Craftsman logo. Pennington may be a network TV host but stuff like this really should be just a gift with purchase at Sears.

So yeah: the Dallas Morning News, although given to a measure of self-indulgent reminiscing, gets this book review right

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