Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are you up? I'm up. Way up.

Didn't Titleist just get done telling everyone to "man up" during the British Open? I could have sworn they did because I kept thinking: riiiight. Now, though, SMU demands that we "pony up" in a new promotion that promises to "create a buzz and get everyone on board" for football.

SMU football.

Oh it'll work, too. It's from The Richards Group and they are, I remind you, "the best in North Texas."

So go ahead. Get ready. Get up.

ADDED: Are "man up" and "pony up" commands or are they declarative sentences? And does it matter?


Make the logo bigger said...

Command. In the mold of ‘get your shit together and do what you’re supposed to.

Irene Done said...

Like "nut up," right? For a rich kid school like SMU -- the only school given the death penalty for paying players -- "pony up" is an interesting choice but, honestly, any promotion for SMU football is gonna be dicey.