Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's perfectly OK to grind on each other but if you start praying aloud, we're going to have problems

Go ahead and make all the Footloose-related jokes you want but the Argyle school district has seen enough suggestive dancing.

Or as they put it: "'we're actually having body parts that are touching each other inappropriately.'"

Frankly I'm bewildered that schools still host dances. I mean it's 2007. You can't play tag or bring candy canes to class so why are schools still in the dance club business? Turn it over to the kids and the parents to organize it all -- via off-campus meetings and their own funds. They can make the rules and set the dress codes. The district's relieved of all responsibility, liability and blame. Everybody's happy!

Or maybe everyone actually enjoys the Springeresque freakshow that is the townhall meeting.


James-H said...


How silly is the school dance? Back in PA, we all skipped the dance to drink warm beer in the woods and touch body parts as inappropriately as we damn pleased.

But those were simpler times. When there were woods. And we could slip into them with a warm sixpack and a date without fear of being kidnapped, mutilated or accused of date rape. Back before roofies and the godforbidden anti-antibiotic infection. Before 'cheese' and Hurley babydoll camisoles and peekaboo thongs. Before 'roid rage, school-consented birth control and rainbow parties.

Just kids in the woods with warm beer, or maybe a bottle of Absolut.

Terrified of dancing.

And then one day this kid - I think his name was Ren, showed up at school...

Irene Done said...

"Terrified of dancing" -- EXACTLY!

All in all, yours might be the most hilarious and wistful meditation on youth I've ever read.