Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mark Cuban's finest moment?

When -- dressed as the ultimate nerd, complete with taped-up glasses -- he complained that the judges' score wasn't even a prime number. I found that so endearing I was honestly sorry he got voted off.


James-H said...

Equally fine moment in journalism:
"The other contestant in Tuesday's latest "Bottom Two," actress Jane Seymour, prompted some gasps from the gasp-prone live studio audience."

Gasp-prone live studio audience?

How great is that?

Make the logo bigger said...

I see your gasp-prone and raise you:

The audience lie prone, gasping.

Irene Done said...

Well, at one point, a contestant lie prone, gasping.

Speaking of which, I would like to take time here to thank Marie Osmond for single-handedly bringing back the Female Fainting Spell, which she executes with both grace and elan and which I would now like to employ at every difficult moment in my life: spurned romance, bad meetings, tax time [slump, tumble, gasp].

James-H said...

slump, tumble, gasp.

That sort of defines my freshman year of college.