Saturday, March 01, 2008

Norma Kamali at Wal-Mart

This news makes me giddy: "Kamali said she always wanted to do a line at the mass level because 'the balance is fantastic. There are always things you want to do at a great price and can't, because you don't have the volume....It was my idea because it's my name,' she said. 'I am doing this, and I feel that it's something people should know I am doing. I will also carry it in my store, because I am proud of it.'"

I think this might be an important moment for Wal-Mart. First because it's Norma Kamali! And because for the past few years, she's sort of redefined herself as a proponent of wellness and other issues people would never associate with Wal-Mart. A green, holistic Wal-Mart—could it ever come to pass?

So, yes: giddy. But a real opportunity will have been lost if the launch campaign doesn't feature a Twyla Tharp-choreographed 60-second spot. Agreed?

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