Friday, June 27, 2008

Cyd Charisse night on Turner Classics

I always thought she was at least 6 feet tall. With those legs? Had to be. But then I saw her once in person and was shocked to see she was probably 6 inches shorter than that and not so curvy but slender. So let's watch Singin' in the Rain. And adjust our impressions of Gene Kelly accordingly.

LATER: Are you watching? Because Palmer Cortlandt just showed up on The Band Wagon. I don't care for The Band Wagon much but the Ava Gardner cameo was exciting and Nanette Fabray is cute as a button.

One more thing: it's interesting that the heroes here simply want to do a musical-comedy; they're appalled when a big-shot director wants to turn it into a serious drama with an important message. Of course, today the plot would be reversed -- the hero always wants to do serious work but everyone else insists on cheap, mass-appeal elements like comedy and chicks. Who do kicks. (Time out. Must watch "Choreography." Vera-Ellen oh my gawd. Back to The Band Wagon.) So why did things change?

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