Friday, June 20, 2008

Reading this kinda took my nothing day and suddenly made it all seem worthwhile

WWWD's ode to The Mary Tyler Moore Show: "We didn’t discover the show until a few years ago (thank you Nick @ Nite reruns), but we immediately fell in love with Mary’s spunk and instantly adored Rhoda, her best friend/neighbor, too. Part of the reason for our immediate connection with the two characters was due to their amazing personal style. Mary's high-waisted super-flared denim, skinny belts worn at the natural waist, and conservative, but flirty, work dresses were extremely influential then and look completely current now. Not to mention how fresh Rhoda’s gypsy/hippie ensembles—complete with piles of long necklaces and headscarves galore—still seem, decades later. The show may have ended over thirty years ago, but we’re Currently Channeling: Mary and Rhoda today!"

This reminded me of Interior Desecrations and James Lileks' sensible advice that total decor disasters can always be averted by designing rooms with Laura Petrie in mind. Interesting. Is Mary Tyler Moore the only fashion icon who spans decades?

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