Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's worse than waiting in line to renew your driver's license?

Waiting in line to renew your driver's license when the power goes out.

What do you do? You're 45 minutes in so do you cut your losses and come back first thing the next day? It's pouring down rain. Leaving -- getting to your car, then getting out in traffic where the signal lights are probably out too -- isn't going to be pleasant either. Do you stay?

I did. I fought through it because my license expired and renewing it is one of the few transactions that has to be done in person. And there was plenty of upside. Two hours at the Department of Public Safety is an excellent opportunity to get to know people you'd almost never encounter in a typical afternoon at the office.

Oddest overheard snippet: "Who got her pregnant?"

That's the exact quote. Not "who's the dad?" or "who's she with?" So later, when I read about the teenage pregnancy pact, it seemed less shocking but a lot sadder.

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