Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good question: What is UP with stores?

I realize New York is a different world and boutiques are a different world within that different world but still: "What is UP with stores...now only putting sizes S and XS out on the floor? Really?....Do I really have to ask for help if I want something that will fit my giant, medium-sized ass?"

These labels simply don't want their clothes seen on anyone other than a XS, right? Bad for the brand image. Probably, also, they lack the skills to design and cut a garment for anyone other than a stick figure but mainly, they've chosen to cater only to the XS as if that alone will create instant cache. It might work.


Zelda Rose said...

I have given up on shopping in most stores. I'm an XL or XXL at times, and NOBODY thinks big girls want to wear something stylish. At least there's Lane Bryant and Torrid...

Irene Done said...

Do you think this is part of some kind of Rachel Zoe effect? There was recent a NYTimes article about the new, skinnier look of menswear models so it seems that both men's and women's fashion are obsessed with a figure type that can only be described as adolescent.

Anyway, it's an odd time to alienate customers. Isn't the average American woman a size 12-14?