Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay Sherman brothers

Yay Stan Lee, Olivia de Havilland and Richard Brookhiser. And everyone else awarded National Medals for arts or humanities.

While I go in search of "Alibi Ike" -- Ring Lardner! -- let's all sing.


Mr. Middlebrow said...

Best Sherman Bros. work: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang* (or, as I like to call it, James Bond for kids, complete with double entendre and smriking ribaldry)

To wit: What we do with the ol' Bamboo makes everybody cheer! and Pardon the dust of the upper crust (fetch us a cuppatea).

*that's MGM, not Disney, BTW.

Zelda Rose said...

I am amused by Stan Lee's award, but I also love his response:

"I wonder what took so long," said Lee, 85, in an interview Sunday. "Say 'He said it with a laugh' or I'll shoot you."

You have to love a man like that...