Friday, November 07, 2008

Is the unbelievably brilliant Vanessa Williams the only reason to watch Ugly Betty?

No. Ana Ortiz and Tony Plana are wonderful too. And Judith Light always reminds me of those halcyon days when One Life To Live was borderline dirty. But the show really does need to ditch attempts at a Betty love angle and resist the allure of extra shiny bright guest stars. Oh damn. Well. Sigh. If only they could bring back Santos.


Suniverse said...

I don't watch Ugly Betty, but I used to LOVE One Life To Live, when Judith Light was Karen Walker, the hooker (was that her name? Or am I confusing her with Will & Grace's Karen?). That show was AWESOME.

(I just checked - Karen WOLEK).

Irene Done said...

THAT'S IT! Karen Wolek! The role that proved Judith Light is the best on-camera cryer ever. Remember her pimp Marco?

See? It's always great to hear from you Suniverse.