Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've bought American cars all my life but I will stop if there's a bailout for the US auto industry

I don't get this. Why do taxpayers have to help GM buy Chrysler? Why should tax money cover union benefits? I have a 10-year old truck and I'm ready for a new one. But why should I give my money to people who are already taking it from me forcefully?


Make the logo bigger said...

Are they taking it from you forcefully or are they just using really good advertising techniques?

Irene Done said...

Since the bailout will be made up in part from my taxes, which I am compelled to pay, yeah, they're taking money from me forcefully. And anyway, I don't think anyone in Detroit can ever be credited with using "really good" advertising techniques.

I look forward to sending GM lobbyists a photo of my new Toyota.

On an unrelated note, I LOVE the avatar.