Monday, April 13, 2009

"The crowd was staring in awe, kids were in tears, and everybody was unbelievably excited."

I'm trying to understand the appeal of Miley Cyrus. Is it that the dad is such a visible part of the story?


Anonymous said...

There is no appeal. Thank god my kid is OUT OF THAT LOOP. God bless nerds.


Irene Done said...

Yay nerds!

I just wonder if all the screaming kids (for Miley or the Jonas Bros or whoever) aren't somehow picking up on weird cues from their parents. Like, their parents think it's all OK because it's Disney so the kids take that and run with it. And some parents take a weird pride in egging this behavior on -- buying the branded gear and the high-dollar concert tickets and going to the movie the first day it opens. Does it stroke the parents' ego to indulge them? I don't know.