Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Would you have read Peter Arnell's book?

It was supposed be called "Brandissimo: Dream Big Live Large".

Probably lucky for everyone he couldn't get along with his ghostwriters.


American Copywriter said...

I said this morning that he's an example of why it could be argued that a certain famous phrase should be modified to read: "If you can make it anywhere you can make it there."

Hi Irene!

Irene Done said...

Oh now THAT'S hilarious.

I really, really want to start using "brandissimo" in everyday work situations -- only it would be the opposite of "belissimo," you know? Like when someone comes up to you and says, "We re-wrote the headline to add the word 'value.' What do you think?" "Brandissimo!" Or "I think your use of Comic Sans in that back-to-school ad is totally brandissimo."

I think I'll try it out this very day.

Make the logo bigger said...


“Hey, you see that the new Old Navy spot?”

“Yep. TOTALLY brandacious.”