Wednesday, August 19, 2009

But of course, with the Rangers, happiness is never real, never lasting

Is it a cursed franchise? Have you ever heard of anything this ridiculous? "This is a team being bankrolled by Major League Baseball (that didn’t happen here, even in the dark days of the late 80s) while a buyer is being sought, and finding a buyer has become a slow process due to MLB and Hicks insisting on a $600 million price....Are there any groups? Even one at $600 million? Only Bud Selig knows. Meanwhile, the Rangers, as a baseball team, are hanging in financial limbo, operating at the whim of other major league owners who can’t be too pleased about bankrolling the Rangers....The Rangers couldn’t sign [Top draft pick Matt] Purke because Selig shut off the bidding, probably at the suggestion of other owners."

It gets worse: "The Rangers did make a $4 million offer to Purke, but without the approval of MLB. When the final word came down from MLB, the Rangers were told they could not pay the kid more than $2.3 million. Period. Since Hicks no longer has the purse to control the purse strings, he has no say. And he also asked Tuesday not to be quoted publicly on any of this stuff, although his paid mouthpiece blogged in sympathy for Tom."

Who could be the paid mouthpiece? Oh.

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