Friday, August 07, 2009

So that's what happened to Bailey Banks & Biddle

I didn't realize that Zale "sold the Bailey Banks & Biddle chain to Finlay Enterprises Inc. in 2007.... Finlay filed for bankruptcy protection this month and is liquidating." So the NorthPark store, which had been selling closeout jewelry, will now just go away. That's sad. I never knew that "Bailey Banks & Biddle was founded in 1832 in Philadelphia and claims to be the oldest U.S. jeweler. It has a rich history of designing government and military medals, including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as the Great Seal of the United States."


Zelda Rose said...

I bought a wedding set from Bailey Banks and Biddle in New Orleans; I'm very sad to see them go.

Irene Done said...

They always had beautiful things. I don't completely understand why they couldn't find a parent corporation who could make things work, even given the economy.