Friday, August 21, 2009

"[Dallas Mayor Tom] Leppert has the most sophisticated coordinated political patronage organization this city has ever seen"

And it's "presided over by people whose names have come up in this trial." More city hall corruption trial coverage from Jim Schutze.

Here's something Schutze wrote after another trial over 9 years ago: "The lesson that should have come out of the Al Lipscomb trial in Amarillo -- the unmistakable lesson for the jury -- is that Dallas is a profoundly corrupt city." Which is interesting enough but then I got to this part: "Judge Kendall released court documents that showed that the owner of a local topless club had been given immunity in return for testifying that he had paid Lipscomb to call the cops off his place...Did we hear anything more about this? Was this ever settled? Did anyone ever suggest we might need to get to the bottom of this?....Are we at all worried about the fact that this matter seems to involve our new police chief, Terrell Bolton?"

Oh yeah: Bolton. After he was eventually fired from the Dallas Police Department, whatever in the world happened to him?

Every little thing Schutze writes is worth paying attention to. I can't stop hitting refresh.

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