Saturday, August 29, 2009

What are we going to do without Hal McCoy?

Hal McCoy wrote the very first baseball book I ever bought, a 1975 tribute to the World Series winners called The Relentless Reds. He has been around for every baseball season I can remember. Even though the team he covers now is abysmal, his column and his blog are still a lot of fun. It's occurred to me a lot of times, as I read his little anecdotes from the road, that he'd make a great travel writer or at least
food critic, that is, if you're like me and prefer food critics who don't seem all that concerned with fat content.

But as he already told us, Dayton Daily News Hall-of-Fame Baseball writer Hal McCoy is being forced to retire after this year. I still don't understand why or how. I only keep hoping there's some way he ends up in a new forum. The MLB network -- where, because they aren't ESPN, baseball writers can be informative and amusing instead of outrageous and clownish -- would be perfect. I'm not sure how that would happen but it seems like it has to. How can anyone pass up a guy who's so well-liked, who has such a wealth of knowledge and experiences? I don't know. I just know that I'm not at all ready to say goodbye to Hal McCoy.

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