Thursday, January 07, 2010

It would be unkind to dwell on this George Steel news

Bloomberg News has the latest on the man who jilted Dallas for the New York City Opera: "Yesterday the opera, in precarious financial shape and still reeling from management fiascos, announced that it had ceded to the [New York City] ballet four precious weeks in future fall seasons....The scheduling drama, first published on the website of the New York Times yesterday, suggests that City Opera remains in trouble under George R. Steel, who was handed the reins a year ago, and continues to bleed money while downsizing its seasons."

Interestingly, the Bloomberg piece doesn't link to the NYTimes article but here it is and here is a funny little bit: "Mr. Steel suggested that the new schedule was another step toward running a tighter ship. 'We still have some big challenges,' he said. 'If one performs less in the theater, we will see savings.'" Well! Think of the savings, then, if one cancels an entire season.

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