Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Maybe Tolstoy meant to say all rich families are alike

Is it a coincidence that Bill Ford, August Busch IV and the Johnson heir are all currently featured in their companies' TV spots? And is it a coincidence that they all look like the same person?


American Copywriter said...

Damn you! I was going to talk about this in the next podcast! Don't forget the Papa John's Pizza guy, too. Well, I am still talking about it on the show. But I AM NOT RIPPING YOU OFF. You just beat me to the punch. Great minds? Hope all is well with you!

Swedish Girl said...

Maybe the same old plastic surgeon?

Irene Done said...

Pleeeease talk about this. I think Swedish Girl might be, as she often is, right. Either that or an evil genetic experiment is being conducted among America's most elite families. The plot must be exposed! The people have a right to know! I'll be listening as always.