Thursday, December 15, 2005

Operators standing by

You can read and read about digital cameras but the biggest development is from FujiFilm who has chosen the interesting strategy of selling cameras as if they're prescription meds. Have you seen the spot? Two minutes of pure direct response. Complete with animated diagrams, before-and-after demos, even a sweepstakes.

Intriguing. And -- kinda? -- compelling.

Then again, maybe I was just won over by the complete absence of side effects.


darkcoffee said...

Looks like somebody on the Fuji account pulled out a dusty old copy of Ogilvy on Advertising and decided to give the old "tell a story about quality with a sexy-but-not-off-putting spokesman" approach. If they'd given her an eyepatch, I wouldn't just critique, but would be out buying the camera!

Irene Done said...

She doesn't have an eyepatch but she does have that hair -- which she brushes out of her face while on camera! This might be the feminized, 21st-century, secret-signal version of the eyepatch. I'll have to consult my ad decoder ring to confirm it.