Thursday, October 12, 2006

Also, Uli revealed that our nation's greatest secret weapon is Miami Vice

Tuesday, October 10: Nobel Prize-winning economist Edmund S. Phelps writes in the WSJ that "capitalism is the injustice of depriving entrepreneurial types (as well as other creative people) of opportunities for their self-expression."

Wednesday, October 11: Uli reflects on her East German childhood, prepares for her Bryant Park show and declares the American Dream to be "wreal."


ADDED MUCH LATER: After viewing the Project Runway finale countless times, I realize that Uli never in fact says "wreal." Rather, she says that in America, dreams can come "twue." I should have corrected this earlier but could not bring myself to do so. There's simply no way you can hear a German woman say "twue" and not think of Madeline Kahn. Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Laura was robbed. Scabby Jeffrey? Uli was robbed. Awful, tactless, tasteless Jeffrey? Michael was robbed. Sewing cheat Jeffrey? Nina and Michael are f*ing nuts. I'm distraught and removing Bravo from my cable lineup. At the very least they are being deleted from my "favorite" channels on the remote.

Irene Done said...

I feel your pain. Doesn't it seem like Jeffrey may have benefited from past seasons' results? The judges had already awarded a win to an all-eveningwear collection (Chloe) and an immigrant (again, Chloe) so Laura and Uli almost didn't have a chance. Jeffrey may have been their way of making up for all the criticism the show got when Santino didn't win last season. That's my tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory anyway.

I comfort myself with the thought that Laura will now be an elegant-living brand. Books, dress patterns, web site, TV show, eveningwear lines -- whatever. I'll be there.