Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thanks. I'll be here all week.

After the debacle that was Monday night, wasn't it nice that we as Cowboy fans could rally around Emmitt Smith's mambo? He was perfect! Although, to be honest, it seemed awkward to have his partner Cheryl start the dance with Drew Bledsoe then switch to Emmitt half-way through. Hi-oooh!


Make the logo bigger said...

I realize there's a fascination by Americans who can't do certain things to watch people attempt same, but, Jerry Rice and now Emmitt on this thing?

It just feels so, I guess, sad?

Irene Done said...

Now see, the only reason I ever started watching this show was Jerry Rice. He was fun and sincere. Emmitt's even better. So much so I can ignore the show's cheese factor. But I realize that guys see it differently so I'll just add this: I -- and millions of other women across this great nation -- think Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Smith may be the luckiest wives ever.

Oh yeah -- and why Jerry Rice couldn't turn his second-place finish into some kind of funny advertising opportunity is beyond me.