Monday, November 13, 2006

Wherein I try, again, to convince you that it's not a bad thing

See who's watching: "At Skillz Salon, a barbershop in West Plano where black professional athletes get their hair cut, the talk these days is all about No. 22. But guess what? It has nothing to do with football. 'He's been doing really well. He's a phenomenal dancer,' says barber Sedrick Fort, 32. Mr. Fort and the Skillz Salon clientele love to discuss Emmitt Smith's...spectacular showing on Dancing With the Stars."


Make the logo bigger said...

No takers yet?


Irene Done said...

Nope. Maybe I should get my hair cut at Skillz -- they might understand me there.

Make the logo bigger said...

Even with the win, I still fly in the face of convention.

Because that's what I do.