Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can't a hard-working girl from Miamisburg just have some fun?

You know how it is. You love your job -- but sometimes it feels so dull. You love your boyfriend -- but his family is another matter. So when someone new comes along and pays you a little attention, it's exciting. You figure you deserve this: a few laughs, nothing serious and no one will ever know. Then Castro and the CIA go and ruin everything.

Happens all the time in the burg.


Jetpacks said...

I am LOST!

What did that MEAN?

Irene Done said...

It's the real-deal story of Phyllis McGuire, noted 1950s singer, girlfriend of a mob boss, would-be flame of comedian Dan Rowan and the most famous native of my hometown. All the details were revealed in newly released classified files. Phyllis wasn't dating just any mob boss.

In a way, it's shocking -- Miamisburg is a small town! her mother was an ordained minister! -- and in another way, well, who can't relate?

Irene Done said...

I should say it's largely based on the real-deal story of Phyllis McGuire -- I have know way of knowing if she ever, in fact, felt her job was dull.