Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"I mean, the thing is shiny, has an apple logo on it and it TURNS THE INTERNET SIDEWAYS!"

Seriously? The closer we get to June 29 -- at 6pm local time -- the less jazzed I feel. I can't exactly say why. Maybe it's the wise advice from my favorite cable television darling. Maybe it's the off-putting obsessiveness of the camping-out crowd. Or maybe I just don't feel worthy.

I don't know but I'm thisclose to saying, "fuck it. I'm getting a Jitterbug."


SuzanH said...

Oh, the hilarity! Jitterbug!!!

You are killing me. Seriously. Too funny.

I'm with you, though. Much as I NEED an iPhone, I'm waiting for v.2 because the commercials are getting on my nerves (also I can't afford v.1).

And the Georgia commercial rocks.

So glad you're still blogging!

James-H said...

The jitterbug, no doubt, will be available on fucking Sprint.

Irene Done said...

The Kevin Pereira post is the most useful thing I've read about the iPhone.

And the ideal retail location for the Jitterbug would be, I think, the lobby of Luby's cafeteria.