Thursday, June 28, 2007

Col. Tigh is still ticked. I am too!

Michael Hogan -- how did this man never appear on US television before Battlestar Galactica? -- is "'not happy about being a Cylon at all'" and Aaron Douglas -- Chief! -- isn't either. "'I had felt it was really marginalizing him,' Douglas said about his character. 'It was taking away all the human stuff.'" But in reconciling himself to the new plot twist, does Douglas inadvertantly reveal something: "'now I don't mind going down in history as one of the Cylon gods.'" A god? Did we know that?

[Via TVTattle.]


Make the logo bigger said...

I think royalties from syndication will somehow soften the blow, but that’s just me.

Irene Done said...

Without a doubt. Still, one thing I love about BSG is that it seems perfectly cast. This may have to do with an exceptional level of ownership the actors feel toward their characters, actually influencing the writers so stories remain true to the characters. Very telling, then, that the plot twist felt false to them. I think this backs up my feeling that last season's ending was too much, just the writers mistakenly thinking it would be clever to screw with everyone -- the actors and the audience.

margie said...

The four revealed in the final ep continues to be a shocker, but it just cements my thoughts that the only way to end the conflict is by (some) Cylons and (some) humans figuring out they have more in common than they thought and forming an alliance.

Irene makes a good point about the fine line between shocking the audience for "art" or "ownership" and being true to the story. I just hope the actual series finale stays true to the story. Ron Moore posting about how much he loved the Sopranos finale and wishes he would have thought of it first makes me nervous ... you can play to your peers and the press OR you can play to the audience who got you through four seasons. I am hoping that when the series ends we will find that Moore has made the right choice and played to the audience, but only time will tell.

Irene Done said...

Margie -- thanks for dropping by and commenting. I didn't know that Moore had said anything about the Sopranos finale. Very interesting.

Make the logo bigger said...

It's a fine line to walk because–and I’m goin’ all Star Trek retro three-dimensional chess on ya with this point–you also have to factor in the built-in audience that knew the show way back when it first started.

Star Trek the Next Gen had to deal with this, appeal to the new crowd, hopefully bring some of the older along, but if they won't come, so be it.

I think part of my issue with the ending on BG was because I was invested in the original series and came along for the new ride. I didn't want to be let down so expectations may have been too high on my part?

Or I’m just overthinking this WAY too much.


Irene Done said...

First, it is IMPOSSIBLE to overthink BSG. Also, I believe Moore had people like you in mind when he turned the Starbuck character into a girl. He wanted to be shocking but it was done well so all is forgiven, right? (This why Moore is forever in debt to Katee Sackhoff -- if she's any less of an actress, that part is not at all believable.)

So I'm trying to keep an open mind about the cylon plot twist. Trying really hard. I never watched the original series -- did they find Earth?

Make the logo bigger said...

Not in the original series, but in the follow-up reincarnation ‘Galactica 1980‘ they did. They came back at a time when Earth wasn't advanced enough to help them against the Cylons.I didn't watch that second incarnation of the series, so I really didn't know about the Earth discovery thing.

I did however stay at a Holiday Inn last night with free Wi-Fi and looked it up on Wiki.

Some might call me an omnipotent blogging charlaton for this revelation, but that’s how I roll.

Go with doG.