Tuesday, September 22, 2009

But if designers are starting collaborations with eBay, is there any reason left to go to Target?

From the Wall Street Journal: Narciso Rodriguez has "signed a deal with eBay Inc. to create a line that will be sold exclusively through the online marketplace. Ebay, more known for bargains than luxury, will start selling the line in the spring. The line, 'Narciso Rodriguez for eBay,' is a first for eBay.... The clothes will sell for less than $350."

There's something about Rodriguez that I really admire. He's resisted the normal Michael Kors/Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger route of name-licensing and brand-building: "'There's such a glut of mass [merchandise] and there is so much fast fashion....smaller companies, true designers...that's who the true designer customer wants to buy.' Mr. Rodriguez says that he is not opposed to adding more products, such as accessories and expanding further into fragrance or other beauty items. But, he says, he is looking for the right partner and wants to personally supervise design and production rather than having those functions outsourced. And though he's looking for a partner, he isn't interested in collaborating with a low-priced fast-fashion chain, as so many other designers have, because he believes the clothes that result from the partnerships end up being the retailer's vision rather than the designer's."

Yes. If you are OK with being a little less famous, a little less wealthy and a little less likely to host a failing basic cable show, you really can wield more control.

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