Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Even in the middle of a recession, even with reduced tax revenue, it's important to have standards

That big bulldozed plot at Walnut Hill and Central will not change anytime soon because its developers are facing foreclosure. I don't think anyone's surprised by that. It's not exactly a good time for commercial real estate right now.

Still, this is North Dallas. "'I’m shocked,' said David Westbrook, president of the Meadows Neighborhood Association....Westbrook said homeowners in the area fought hard to keep the property from being used for large discount retailers and high-rise buildings that would overlook nearby residential areas. 'It’s going to be even more important now that we got that zoning in place,' he said. “We want to get some high quality retail in there – nothing big box.'" Of course not, Mr Westbrook! Nothing big box! Or revenue-producing. And good luck with the high quality retail!

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